Man’s pillows compared to ‘tea bags’ after wife strip cleans them for first time

TikTok user Lexi left her followers absolutely baffled (and disgusted) after sharing a clip of herself cleaning her husband’s filthy pillows for the first time in five years

We’ve all heard the debate about how often we should wash our bedsheet; some people do them weekly, others not so often – but how often should we be washing our actual duvet and pillows?

A quick Google search suggests that pillows should be washed anywhere between every three months to every six months, but in reality we know it’s like a hell of a lot more infrequent than that.

Whatever the right answer is, we can safely say that one bloke should be washing his pillows a LOT more, after his wife cleaned them for the first time in five whole years.

Lexi took to TikTok earlier this month to show exactly what went down when she finally got her hands on her hubby’s grubby pillows, and let us tell you, the results are absolutely disgusting.

In the clip, we see Lexi placing the two brown visibly stained pillows into a bath filled with hot water, before she begins pouring in washing detergent and scent boosting beads.

Finally, Lexi poured some OXI Clean stain-removal powder into the mix, before leaving the manky pillows to soak for an entire day.

After just two hours, the bath water turned completely brown and by the end of the full 24 hours, the inside of the bath was pitted with black marks, dirt and goodness knows what else.

But, Lexi’s magical mix seemed to the trick, and the once dark brown pillows appeared a lot less stained and we can only imagine they will have smelled a million times better – at least we hope!

“You’re telling me those pillows weren’t in the tomb of Jesus?” one TikTok user joked, while another added: “Girl, if you don’t throw those Benjamin Franklin pillows away…”

A third wrote: “Girl, my man won’t throw away his teabags either.”

Thank goodness Lexi got her hands on them. Let’s not leave it another five years, eh?